Tuesday, September 23, 2008

honeybee miracle

honeybee miracle

and rabb reveal to bee: make nests at hills, at wood trees, and at places that made human. (qs. an-nahl, 16: 68)
honeybee makes honey repository with form heksagonal. a storage form effectiveest compared with geometric form other. bee uses form that make possible them keep honey in number maximal by using materials most a little. mathematician felts to amazed when detect bee calculation very accurate. aspect other astonishing communication manner delivers difficult bee for trusted. after find food source, bee pemadu that have a duty to look for flower for honey maker flies straight to the nest. he tells to other bees corner direction and food source distance from nest with a special dance. after pay attention carefully movement hint in dance, final the other bees detect food source position and can to find it without difficulty.
bee uses manner very attractive when build nest. they begin to build honey repository cells from different corners, further up to in the end they meet in the middle of. after job finisheds, not visible existence ketidakserasian and or tambal embroidery in cells. human not can to make this perfect planning without geometric calculation complex; but bee do it considerably easy. this phenomenon proves that bee is given instruction passes “ilham” from allah the almighty and most worthy of praise as allah saying in mail an-nahl verse 68 above.
since millions year ago bee has produced honey ten times more than they have required. only why does animal that do all calculation in detail this produce honey redundantly so that human get benefit from honey that contain “obat for manusia”. allah declares this bee task in al-qur'an:
from that bee stomach is out drink (honey) diverse the colour, mendalamnya found medicine that cure for human. actually in such that is genuinely found sign (grandeur rabb) for people who thinks. (qs. an-nahl, 16: 69)
tahukah you about honey benefit as one of [the] food source allah reserves for human passes this cute insect?
honey is compiled on several sugar molecules likes glucose and fruktosa with amount of mineral likes magnesium, potassium, potasium, sodium, chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate. also contain vitamin b1, b2, c, b6 and b3 the composition fluctuates as according to flower honey quality and essence powder mengonsumsi bee. despitefully in honey found also copper, iodine and zinc in number little, also several hormone kinds.
as allah saying, honey “obat that cure for manusia”. this scientific fact corrected by scientists that meet in conference apikultur the whole world (world apiculture conference) that conducted on 20-26 september 1993 at china. in conference discussed therapy by using ingredients that come from honey. america scientists says that honey, extravagant jelly, essence powder and propolis (bee sap) can cure various disease. a romania origin doctor says that he try to use honey to cure cataract patient, and 2002 from 2094 the patients recovers absolutely. origin doctors polandia also say in conference that bee sap (bee resin) can help to cure many diseases likes piles, skin disease, gynecological disease and various another disease.

effective manner endues brittle nail

effective manner endues brittle nail

for you have brittle nail, now you are unnecessary worry again caused by a special formulation that can be used for cosmetics that is nail extention. layer likes jelly coloured peach this used to endue your finger nail brittle or fragile.
although go along way but along with nail growth best nail extention you do according to repeat in the base. it is better you follow steps follows so that your nail more wells and strong
clean second hand with soap counters bakteria then sterilize with counter septik. give cuticle cream in every cuticle. push krem by means of organizer (cuticle pusher) so that nail surface is flat and clean.
spray liquid antiseptik in entire nail surfaces so that sterile. then sandpaper entire nail layers to smoothen surface and cause the loss of to glitter with clear of sandpaper remainder chip. repeat with liquid syringe antiseptik and let mengering.
arrange in layers nail with bond aid berformula ph balance then continue with layer bondex and let mengering. pair nail sorms (nail buffer) then mix liquid (ethyl meta crylate) and powder (acrylate copolymer and silica) be one. constructively spatula you can arrange in layers to entire nail surfaces. dab thinly and let mengering during 10 minutes.
latest step files to return to tidy your nail. will wear nail extention be seen to like original nail soes you are unnecessary worries. congratulation try.

Friday, September 5, 2008

diet and olahraga bagi sufferer mengabetes

diet and olahraga bagi sufferer mengabetes

mengabetes not new disease. since 1552 sm disease marked with the frequently of urinate in number many with this drastic body heavy depreciation, known and called with term poliuria. year 400 sm, a indians author sushratha menamai “penyakit urinate madu”. name mengabetes mellitus (mengabetes = flow then, mellitus = sweet) final given by aretaeus around 200 year prechristian.
managed this disease actually easy sufferer origin can discipline self and do sport regularly, menuruti doctor suggestion, and not spirit breakable.
somebody is said to suffer mengabetes when does glucose degree in blood above 120 mg/dl in a condition fast, and above 200 mg/dl after two clocks eats. sign other realer when does positive the art water.
mengabetes appear to cause insulin that taked by my cells from island langerhans (structure in pancreas that haves to regulate sugar degree in blood) not again work normal. finally, sugar degree in blood meninggi. when does this conditon continue and pass by kidney limit threshold, glucose will be taked to pass urine.
so far known two sufferer groups mengabetes that is they are that hitted since childhood or adolescent, and they are that hitted when full grown (majority age 50 year to on). sufferer mengabetes since young majority want insulin injection, temporary that begun at adult age not.
since found insulin by lambaste and best canadian in 1921, sufferer mengabetes that want insulin can be overcome so that mortality rate and baby miscarriage in pregnant mother that suffers mengabetes on the wane. besides insulin, franke and fuchs (1954) do test tries medicine antidiabetes and proved many help sufferers.
mengabetes really disease can not be cured, but with good treatment, every sufferer can endure the life bormally.
diet and sport
besides controls sugar degree regularly, do to diet food and regular sport is successful key pengelolaaan mengabetes. in the case of for example food, sufferer mengabetes must pay attention carbohydrate dosage. because absolut majority energy need is got from this substance. follow dr. elvina karyadi, m. sc. , butritionist from seameo-tropmed ui, there two carbohydrate groups that is complex kind and simple kind. has chemical tie more than one glucose chain while other only one. in complex carbohydrate body likes in bread or rice, must mengurai be single chain formerly before is absorbed into blood stream. on the contrary, simple carbohydrate likes ice-cream, sharp, jam, syrup, light drink, and candy, direct come into blood stream so that direct blood sugar degree melejit.
from sufferer food side mengabetes more suggested to consuming fibrous carbohydrate likes pod, vegetable, fresh fruit likes papaya, kedondong, apple, tomato, barking, water melon etc. while fruits too sweet like chicoo, orange, pineapple, rambutan, dorian, jackfruit, wine, is not suggested.
university origin nutrient researcher airlangga, surabaya, prof. dr. dr. h. askandar tjokroprawiro, classify to diet on two parts, a and b. diet b with composition 68% carbohydrate, 20% fat, and 12% protein, more fit to make indonesian is compared with diet a that consist of 40 - 50% carbohydrate, 30 - 35% fat and 20 - 25% protein. diet b besides contain carbohydrate reasonable tall, also rich fiber and low cholesterol. based on watchfulness, diet tall complex carbohydrate in dose divided, can repair my cell sensitivity is pancreas.
meanwhile fiber height in kind vegetable a(bayam, stringbean, string bean, young corn, pumpkin siam, carrot, pare, young jackfruit) augmenting kind vegetable b (cauliflower, fresh mushroom, celery, taoge, cucumber, gambas, green chilli, marrow, eggplant, tomato, mustard green) will depress glucose degree increase and blood cholesterol.
onion and white (berkhasiat 10 onion times merah)serta stringbean very well if added in diet mengabetes because according to together can demote blood fat degree and blood glucose.
pattern 3j
butritionist other, dr. andry hartono d. a. nutr. , from rs house rapih, yogyakarta imply pattern 3j: that is calorie total, time-table eats, and food kind.
for sufferer doesn't has body weighing problem sure easier to count calorie total everyday. its way, heavy body is multiplyinged 30. for example, body weighing person 50 kg, so calorie need in a day 1.500 (50 x 30). if concerned run sport, the calorie need on take exercise to augmenting around 300-an calorie.
time-table is eating pengidap mengabetes being suggested a more regular with portions. the purpose so that calorie total merata all day long. aim final so that body work lo not too heavy and stomach saliva gland production not too sudden.
beside time-table eats principal morning, day, and evening, suggested also light food portions at time interrupts sebut(selang time around three clock)s.
necessary limitted food berkalori tall like rice, fatty meat, innards, egg yolk. also tall fatty food likes ice-cream, ham, sausage, cake, brown, jerked meat, food gorengan. dark green coloured vegetable and pink like carrot, stringbean, spinach, caisim can mengonsumsi in number more many, so also with fresh fruits. but, necessary payed when sufferer suffers kidney disturbance, green vegetables consumption and food berprotein tall must be limitted so that not too load kidney work.
diet limited calorie
sufferer can follow menu composition example diet b to 2.100 calorie (simbardjo and indrawati, b. sc. from butrition part rsud dr. sutomo surabaya) like in table 1. diet b tall that fiber belongs to diet mengabetes general, doesn't suffer complication, is not fasting or even also with a child.

how composed to diet good and true

how composed to diet good and true

in heart disease handling, need to diet and medicine appropriate your doctor suggestion. diet to accustommed with disease condition, of course diet differ between one sufferer with another sufferer. here be explained example will diet menu 1200,1500,1700 and 1900 calories with total protein appropriate. wear guide diets this to composed menu. with calculation base that visible in food-stuff table a day, you can carry out to diet appropriate. heart is known as organ that has regeneration ability (formation return)s biggest in body. for this regeneration process is need protein esensiel and vitamin in number memadai. depending from the disease conditon, can happen ketidak seimbangan sour amino, and this matter visible from phenomenon existence neuropsikis or degree enhanced amonia in blood.
when does this matter must happen so asupan protein must reduced 30-50% from need. diet that must be chosen, best mengonsultasikan with your doctor. reduction asupan protein will cause to decrease it calorie value and protein, so that must be looked for successor that can fulfil calorie deficit and protein without increase degree amonia. one of [the] product that up to standard above aminoleban oral that contain important butrient with balance composition, like sour amino branch chain (aarc) carbohydrate, fat (rice oil), sour amino esensial other, multivitamin and mineral. one of [the] gift aim aminoleban oral concurrent with standard menu gift so that you always in a state of good/normal nutrient status.
base menu arrangement
1. food is accustommed with calorie need and protein
2. food must consist of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin and mineral
3. alcohol is forbidden
4. salt can be given until 7 gram or 1 1/2 teaspoon
for practise guide diets 1200 and 1500 calories is suggested in body weighing sufferer in this time (heavy recent body) <> 65 kg. for menu variation can be used food list penukar. try so that salt don't eaten too much. for the mentioned, necessary limit soybean sauce use. food that preserved to like jerked meat, abon, salty fish, corned beef also necessary limitted. heart disease and protein
carbohydrate, fat and protein be zat-gizi important in our life. protein found in the form of protein hewani and protein vegetable.
as to source food-stuff protein hewani among others meat, fish, shrimp, egg, milk and result olahan. while source food-stuff protein vegetable rice, corn, green peanut, bean kedele, red bean, bean tolo, peanut, pie. many eaten everyday tempe and know.

Friday, August 15, 2008

various tips woman fitness

various tips woman fitness

many factors that causes you are attacked disease that very mengacam you in this modern period. heart sickness, cancer, stroke, or chronic emphysema, all this curable or prevented if you shift attention to him.

next several tips for healthier alive: don't smoke, ! smoke one of [the] death cause at america.

if you a woman smokes, your risk will be attacked heart sickness dankanker very may be, especially if you use contraception tool oral. be careful towards cigarette smoke at work or also will increase risk.

cholesterol curb. tall cholesterol is biggest risk factor is attacked heart sickness and indirectly increase disease risk stroke. follow united america heart coalitions, a woman in age 55 year cholesterol inclination higher membanding man. try for permanent diet!

look at heavy your body. here's well-being problem bo matter vanity. has high blood pressure enhanced inclination if heavy they are 20 pounds or on heavy that recommended. furthermore, if you too fat, especially menyekitar waist, you big risky for a few well-being problem likes mengabetes, heart sickness and stroke. koid too much eat carbohydrate, sugar and fatty food.

many eat vegetable! a diet rich with vegetable and fruits related to low cholesterol. several watchfulness suggest a connections between eat vegetables with decrease cancer risk, membanding will spend time to will decide which vegetable that be eaten to will prevent certain disease.

memfokus in diverse green leafy vegetable fresh vegetable, yellow pumpkin, carrot, brukoli, tomato, onion onion garlic. all this good to you.

koid fatty food. diet tight towards fat menghubungkandengan the increasing of cancer kinds risk. watchfulness in bations society that do to diet fatty food consistently shows heavy accident and death because intestines cancer and payu maiden.

regulation recommendation diets demote existing fat total until 30% from fat source cheese or margarine, frying oil, meat and all milks products. if you wear oil, wear olive.

take a rest. this is of vital importance for your body is to relaxes. you can do some ways like meditations, breathe long, or bahkanmembaca be manner to relax. better, walk, you will felt calm.

sport. several sports can help you are healthier alive, and even your alive voluminouser. watchfulness recently will imply that simple change in rutinitas your alive everyday will beneficial for well-being. so that if you not ready for sweat at the (time) of gymnastics, try your car parking rather far and walk, step on straircase from in elevator and play hook with your child. important if that choice is there, choose for permanent move.

test pap smear regularly. this will detect change before kankerleher uterus in early stage. this condition therapy will prevent cancer distribution.

your blood pressure cheque! your blood pressure higher, also risk is attacked heart sickness. consultation with your doctor to talk about step that must you take for permanent watch over blood pressure in level that well.

investigate your breast regularly by doctor or nurse and ask to when do you begin mammogram regularly doctor. beginning detection is prevention.

ten tips well-being

ten tips well-being

here gw try ngumpulin well-being articles yg gw meet, and very simple that can you do self at home. .
may be there yg be of benefit to icomers. . so please at read well and congratulation try

keep in good health eye with papaya seed
how watch over eye well-being? follow dr. rini mahendra spm easy manner is done, one of them with mengonsumsi papaya seed. why does papaya seed? they say papaya seed contains compound likopen important for eye well-being. when do you not hold the bitter taste, so you can mengonsumsi with augmenting honey, or as mixture drinks tea. besides can also seed be dried or menyangrai to then eaten as snack. consumption regularly, approximately thrice a day as much as ten grains.

tomato seed prevents heart sickness
you like to drink tomato juice but very often throw away the seed? may be after read this article is that habit must be changed. based on research that done rowett research institute at scotlandia, found that slippery liquid or jelly rust colored found menyekitar tomato seed contains compound or efficacious mixture ingredient to opposes stroke and heart sickness. when do you imbibe tomato juice without throw away the seed, so you have decreased risk the happening of blood clotting around 72 percents, up to can you can escaped from heart sickness.

don't be long dip tea
tea is admitted berkhasiat for body well-being. also have come to vast public consumption as drink everyday. tea mengemas in the form of also powder tea. but there necessary payed in teabag, that is the use. teabag best is not dyed too long. this valid for all teas, coloured also green tea.
this caused chlorine substance pregnancy existence in teabag paper pocket. this substance is the function for paper disinfectant so that paper candid from bacteria pembusuk and durable. paper with appear chlorine cleaner. but disinfectant in gross not differ far with insecticide.
so that suggested don't dye teabag during long. if dip tea pocket more than 3-5 minute, chlorine will come to dissolve in tea. so that escaped from disease possibilities, best don't dip tea pocket more than 3 minutes.

rinses moment asthma
asthma is one of [the] disease kronik the patients lot at world. follow dr. tjandra meditation aditama, spp(k), mars, dtm&h, estimated in the year 2005 there addition around 100 million asthma patient at world.
asthma therapy there has pelega (reliever), there also has controlling (controller). asthma medicine most safe and effective that given in the form of sprayed or be sucked (inhaler) because direct will step breath channel, fast the effect, minimal side effects, and little the dose.

wound cuts
the little experience consequence wound plays knife up to the skin is cut?
next steps that can be done:
• if little the wound, enough depressed several second with cotton or sterile bandage to dries and stop perdarahan.
• don't rub wound with cotton because can botch wound hem up to perdarahan new increase. give solution antiseptik to prevent infection.
• if blood has mengering/stopped new closed with plaster

fever first aid
important done demote sufferer body temperature, can with mengompres use cold water, give medicine penurun hot, also espoused pengipasan so that hot body soon steam. cold water compress at breast left side or that head crown of head demotes hot quicker. more safe uses medicine penurun hot kind parasetamol, many sold free, especially for age child under 5 year.

treatment for black circle around eye
scraped potato can decrease black colour at eye circle. potato contains enzyme that named catecholase, often used upon which cosmetics with a purpose to brighten skin. blender sebutir potato and potato package memblender with clean cloth. paste up direct in be eye, and hush during 15-20 minute. don't let potato comes into eye. clean.

decrease creasing at face
to decrease creasing at face, can be used easy way and cheap that is with make use green coloured wine. wine this type of often used as one of [the] cosmetics ingredient cream counter wrinkle.
but you can make self ingredients counter wrinkle, its way slit wine soes two then rubbing to face and neck. ascertain you menggosokan at area around mouth. hush during 20 minutes and wash with nail warm water.
do every day, and you will see change in your face. don't forget to drink minimal plain water eight glass a day. and eat rich food contains vitamin a like carrot, celery and spinach. usa sleep eight clocks a day.

apple mask for oily skin
this mask is very suited for oily skin, maker and the use even also very easy.
• one medium size apple, memparut
• five honey tablespoon
mix scraped apple and honey well. dab to fullfaced and let during 10 minutes. wash with cold water.

sauna face skin
good skin treatment one of them with sauna face. you require cup that loaded with hot water that is added with a few oil essential that accustommed with skin kind:

normal: madarin and lavender
oily: lemon and eucalyptus oil
dry: rose and camomile

gird towel above head, and uapi your face is with distance 30 cm from cup during approximately two minutes. this step will open pore so that skin ready for memasker. best you don't do sauna face if sensitive skin, with a child or suffer asthma.
for oil essential, you can buy it at cosmetics special small stands. mustika queen and pretty essence also sell oil essential kinds above.

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